• Bachelor’s degree from North Park College
  • Married with 5 children
  • One on one Aid and Learning Disability Aid
  • Previous Ark Preschool Teacher 2007-2009
  • Rejoined The Ark Preschool staff in 2012 and teaches the Nearly Threes Class

As the mother of 5 children I have come to realize how uniquely God creates each child.  Four of my five children were born within 2 minutes time; they are quadruplets, born the same day, all raised under the same roof, served the same food, raised by the same parents, and sharing the same older sister, yet they couldn’t be more unique.  From the very moment a child is born they have unique personalities, gifts, and talents created by a God who has made them each so wonderfully complex.

I am so completely amazed by our creative God and how wonderfully He has created each child.  I Love to see what attracts each child as they enter the classroom; for some it is always the same toy and for others it is always something new.  As children enter the Ark Preschool, they are learning daily about new emotions, new interests, and they are being stretched to try to learn new things that they may not be naturally drawn to explore.

I am excited and truly thankful to have the opportunity to spend two mornings a week with the children in the Nearly 3’s classroom.