Mary LynneBordewick

  • Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Quincy College
  • Married with 2 grown children
  • Taught 9 years in Kindergarten, first and second grades
  • Joined The Ark Staff in 1995 and teaches the Threes Classes

I always think the current class is my “favorite” class, but then I meet the next class and I fall in love all over again. There is always room for one more favorite class! “A child fills a place in your heart, you never knew was empty!” (Author unknown) I thank God for the dear children who have helped fill the holes in my heart!!

The Ark is a magical place where amazing things happen every day. This is one of the first group experiences for many of our children. They arrive in strollers and leave here standing on their own two feet! It is our goal to encourage independence, offering the children a safe and loving place to experience life and learning without their parents in the same building! This is an incredible journey, responsibility and privilege. It is an undertaking that is not taken lightly. We are here because of the fabulous foundation that was laid nearly 40 years ago by the founding members of The Ark Preschool. Their vision and skills helped set this process in motion and we and the children are the beneficiaries of their faith-based philosophy of learning. It is an honor to be part of such a tradition.