• Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from National Louis University
  • Returned back to school to work towards Master’s Degree in Social Work
  • Taught for 6 years
  • Joined The Ark Staff in 2020 and teaches the Nearly Fours & Pre K Classes

I remember my first experience in a classroom. I was 14 years working at an after-school head start literacy program on the Northside of Chicago.  There were three things that made me want to be a teacher. That was their passion, their commitment and the children’s smiles. Since then I have devoted 10 plus years to early childhood education as well as 7 years of being a nanny. Every year, in every class, with every student and their families, my desire for teaching the young has grown. These years are so crucial in their learning and development. I feel honored to be part of their learning experience and work alongside all our amazing teachers. Every child’s heart has a unique story. I am excited to have a wonderful team that nurtures their thoughts and educational growth while encouraging the Christian faith. My goal each day is to ensure that every student and family has a genuine and positive experience at The Ark Preschool.

When I’m not teaching at The Ark, I enjoy baking homemade desserts for my family and friends!