The Ark Preschool

COVID-19 Guidelines

Before You Arrive:

If your child has a fever or shows any signs of illness, please DO NOT bring them to preschool. They will not be admitted if they have any of the COVID symptoms.

Arrival Procedure / Daily Wellness Check:

Please enter The Ark parking lot using the north entrance off Kenilworth Avenue. Create and remain in a line of cars along the south side of the building carefully proceeding toward Door #4 which is located at the west end of the building.  Your child will remain in the car for a wellness check, which is a non-contact temperature check.  When the temperature check is completed and documented, you may help your child out of the car.  Your child will be assisted and escorted to the classroom where each child will wash hands with soap and begin the day. We realize some children might need to be escorted by a parent to the hallway outside the classroom (specifically the Nearly 3s Class).  Everyone entering/exiting the building must wear a mask, Parents are NOT allowed inside the classroom. 

Dismissal Procedure:

Children will be called one at a time as you approach your designated dismissal door. We will share detailed information on this process before school begins.  Please be mindful of the arrival and dismissal times for your class.  Our collective goal is to secure the safety of all the children and families as we facilitate a smooth and orderly dismissal.

Daily Wellness Checks:

Anyone entering the preschool will undergo a brief health screen:

  • Staff will take their own temperatures before entering the preschool.
  • Student screening will be conducted at arrival each day.
  • Director or staff member will take the child’s temperature using a non-contact thermometer and  will ask you to confirm that the child does not have any symptoms of illness and has not been exposed to COVID-19.
  • If your child has a temperature at or above 100.3F or shows symptoms of illness, they will need to  return home.
  • Absences must be reported with full disclosure.

Masks & PPE:

Teachers and staff will wear a mask or face-covering at all times while in the building and during drop-off/pick-up when social distancing might not be possible.  Children age 2 and over will need to wear a face mask.  Face masks are to be worn when entering/exiting the building, in the hallways, and in the classroom.  Masks do not need to be worn when the children are outside or during snack-time.  ​Please take time to practice wearing a mask at home, thus increasing tolerance before school starts. Masks must fit your child properly covering the nose and mouth. 


The Ark Preschool will provide snacks until Illinois enters Phase 5.  Children will be intentionally spaced apart during snack times allowing for more social distancing while eating.  Children will wash hands before/after snack and the teachers will distribute the snack.  Staff has access to hand washing areas, hand sanitizing products and disposable gloves as needed.

Social Distancing/Safe Separation:

We cannot expect children to remain socially distant at all times and an important aspect of preschool is socialization.  We have reduced class sizes and are blessed with large classrooms which helps us create separation between our learning areas.  By intentionally placing and spacing our daily offerings and activities, we will strive to create safety within our togetherness.  Children will remain in their own classrooms throughout the day, except for large motor exploration outside or in the gym. Children will not join other classrooms at any time.  All toys will be cleaned before being rotated between sessions or classrooms. Toys and equipment will not be shared between classrooms.


Each child will be provided with their own supply bins (scissors, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, etc.) which will be distributed and replenished by the teachers as needed.

Cleaning & Sanitizing:

Classrooms are professionally cleaned daily.  An hour is required between morning and afternoon sessions when all surfaces will be cleaned with appropriate disinfectant.  Bathrooms will be professionally cleaned before each class begins. Toys will be cleaned/disinfected after each class and a limit on plastic toys and manipulative objects will be encouraged.  High-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, faucets, toilets seats and handles will be routinely disinfected.


Outdoor play time will be encouraged and maximized throughout the day.  Playground will be closed to the public during school hours.  When the weather is inclement, we will use the gym and will rotate or disinfect the equipment between each group to insure safe usage.


The children’s hands will be washed with soap and water upon arrival, before/after snack, after using the toilet, after wiping or blowing noses, after outdoor play, and after touching a soiled object. Child-friendly hand sanitizer will be used when soap and water are not available.

DCFS guidelines for proper hand washing is as follows:

  • Wet hands under warm running water
  • Lather both hands well and scrub vigorously for at least 20 seconds (sing ABC song)
  • Rinse hands thoroughly under warm running water
  • Dry both hands with a single use towel
  • Please practice washing hands

Sick Children:

If your child or anyone in your household is sick with any of the COVID symptoms, do not send your child to school.  If your child becomes ill while at preschool, we will immediately remove your child from the classroom to limit exposure to other children and staff and contact you right away. We will supervise your child in a designated room while we wait for you to arrive.

COVID-19 Policy:

If a teacher or student tests positive, we will immediately notify DCFS and the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD).  They will offer very specific guidance regarding the process to be followed.

These new policies and guidelines will be in our school handbook and will be distributed to you the first week of school.